Motivated by increasing expertise in membrane separation technology, and upholding long-term partnership with our clients, Innosep is an industry veteran with twenty years experience in system installations in eleven countries. Innosep owns its factories with full capability: fabrication, welding, assembly, inspection & testing, warehousing and test laboratory.
Innosep was founded in 2003 by Mr. Kazi Sarwar Hasan to advance membrane technology applications for the last twenty years. Degreed in Water & Waste Water Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology, Mr. Kazi’s keen interest in membrane filtration prompts his continuing exploration of iinnovative applications in not only water treatment industry but also in food processing and chemical industry. In 2005, Innosep completed its first overseas water treatment project in Bangadesh which is a RO system for a textile dyeing factory. In 2008, Innosep developed & installed its first-of-a-kind RO system to concentrate small size protein for a leading food process company in Thailand. In 2018, Innosep completed a turn-key water project with 450 cubic meter per hour output for a one of the biggest food conglomerate company in Bangladesh. In 2020, Innosep became a ISO9001 certified company by BVQI.



Innosep Company Limited designs advanced membrane systems with cooperation with leading Membrane manufacturers around the world. The latest membranes in fields of Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis are chosen to provide an energy efficient system. All the instrumentations, pumps, piping, valves, control and fitting components are carefully chosen that being tested with long service life and ultimate operation performance to ensure each system delivers the required product quality with little operation cost as possible.


In the field of Water Treatment, Innosep provides complete turn-key plants based on individual customer’s requirements. It starts with water sampling and analysis to capacity calculation, and to quality manual verification required for various process like drinking, beverage or industrial use for high purity water. All layouts are planned based on space availability. Design and engineering are piloted and proved to meet the desired process quality, control, and maintenance as per each end user specification.
The moment a turn-key project is implemented, our service team takes charge. Their service includes but not limited to scheduled on-site training to the operation team, Control reconfiguration to adapt to new requirement, system performance verification visit and technical & lifelong spare parts support.


There are growing demands in industrial processes which requires filtration/separation technology specially in Food and Beverage, Biotechnology, Chemical etc. . From protein separation and isolation to color removal or salinity reduction, Innosep Company has been actively working with major players in the market segments (mainly the R&D teams) to successfully develop new products containing valuable proteins. At innosep we have our own pilot units that can fit with various membranes to test and check both quality and flux details to design and scale up actual production process. Innosep also do in-house fabrication and have supplied small lab scale and pilot scale membrane testing units to various Universities and Food process manufacturers to support their R&D works.


Innosep team is committed to solve problems for customers. We provide prompt technical support and trouble shooting consultancy to work with our customers to ease the situation. The scope of troubleshooting and support is broad and it can range from changing of specific components of an existing filtration system, replacements of membrane and/or filter media, dosing chemicals, parts or even adjustment to the control and piping process. We provide technical service to customers who have or have yet to install INNOSEP systems.


INNOSEP uses our own service team to do installations onsite. Each filtration systems provided by Innosep needs to have onsite installation to ensure the system is properly connected and operate smoothly. Enough piping and fittings, welding equipment and tools are provided with the system to ensure our service team can do the onsite installation works to connection system with lines, tanks, pumps etc. at site and provide manual and training to able to properly operate by the user. Log sheets of operation are also provided to log daily reports and sent to us to regularly check and follow up system support and maintenance accordingly.


Most of the filtration system needs scheduled maintenance to ensure long term operation excellence and optimal performance. To ensure this, Innosep offers contracted maintenance service to our customers. This includes onsite Cleaning in Place of Membrane system, backwash of prefilters, change of prefilters, anti-scale dosing and thorough checks on valves, gauges, and instruments to ensure they are working properly. Innosep keeps frequently used service parts in stock to satisfy urgent service calls and immediate delivery emergency.


Innosep has been working closely with all major universities in Bangkok and food process manufacturers as consultant on how membranes can be used in more liquid separation field to extract protein for example. Innosep provide consulting services to assess the separation technology available and provide final-product-oriented solution consultation from membrane & process feasibility study to pilot & testing verification and to engineering process design and final implementation.
If you have any questions, please contact us  email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.
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